Thursday, January 04, 2007

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1, part four: recovery

How to recover from a failed Visual Studio 2005 service pack 1 installation (or how I did it, in any case).

It seems that with a failed setup there is a hung instance of msiexec left running (it can be seen in the task manager) and some files are kept locked in the c:\Config.msi folder and cannot be deleted even when this msiexec is killed. I didn't have the time to fool around restarting the installer service but restarted the whole windows instead. I wouldn't be too surprised if the installation error was actually caused by the installer encountering a locked file.

So, these are the steps I made to recovery:
  • Made some more space on the C: partition. In the end it totalled 2.7 GB, but it could be possible to succeed with less. This is not counting the TEMP folder which I moved to another partition (you do this by setting the environment variable in control panel -> system). Note that you can free up a lot of space by going to c:\windows\installer and deleting the previously copied SP1 packages - look for files of 466 MB with recent time of creation.
  • Went to the c:\WINDOWS\WinSxS folder and deleted files with "8.0.50727.762" in their name, like it was mentioned in this post (scroll way down). Note that the post says I should delete files named like "8.0.50727.163" but I was unable to find any.
  • Restarted windows. I believe this is important - at least find and kill the hung msiexec process and restart the windows installer service.

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